Friday, April 28, 2006

Proudest Moments

Proudest Veggie moment of 2011: growing a Thai Pepper Plant from seed and having it produce over 100 peppers.

Proudest Landscaping moment of 2011: Keeping most of my plants alive through the summer from hell.

Proudest Veggie moment of 2012: Actually growing and harvesting Naga Jolokia and Habanero Peppers (albeit from transplants)

Proudest Landscaping moment of 2012: Coming up with a back yard landscape plan. It may take me 5 years, but at least I have a destination.

Proudest Veggie moment of 2013: Yeah, the veggies were pretty terrible this year. I guess it would be trying to grow a new veggie (Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry), and actually having the plant do okay and liking it.

Proudest Landscaping moment of 2013: Implementing my Mull-Shay bed. 

Proudest Veggie moment of 2014: It's probably a tie between having a tomato plant produce over 300 tomatoes, and having the Orange Fogo pepper actually produce peppers.

Proudest Landscaping moment of 2014: Getting my 'grass bed' functional - though I still have a little bit of bermuda grass that needs to be removed.

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