Monday, June 30, 2008


Oh praise the baby jesus! we had RAIN last night. A whopping 1.25" of it. Hallelujah!

The rain barrel is full again (it had been empty for the entire week and I was forced to water my plants with ACTUAL water), and the grass is already looking good because of the rain.

Not to mention that it's cloudy today so it's not 100billionty degrees out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too hot

it's too freaking hot right now.

the tomatoes are all stunted, the watermelon is almost dead, the peppers keep growing, but they're not flowering.

most of the native plants have gone into hibernation mode.

yep, the only thing doing well is the oregano and the parsley.

Oh, I planted some texas mountain laurel seeds. Again. And I started some basil in a planter. Of course I had to make an anti-squirrel device on the planter because those rodents will dig in anything...and I can't have them going about pulling up all the basil plants!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Operation: Rescue Lizard

So we've been working on a TV stand (which you can see stories about on my blog Here), and on Sunday, when Shawn pulled the pieces back in, there must have been a little anole lizard on one of them because when I went out to throw some trash away, there was this TINY little lizard sitting on top of one of the boards. And I mean tiny. From tip of nose to tip of tail he was no bigger than my pinky finger (about 2").

I briefly thought about getting my camera, but quickly decided against it as both of my cats were lounging in the driveway and I didn't think I'd be able to take pictures without one of them coming over to investigate. So, instead I went inside and got a glass and a piece of junk mail (I was hoping to do the whole catch it under the glass, slide the cardboard trick). Of course, things didn't go as planned. The little bugger kept running away from me (duh). and so finally I decided to set the glass down, and hope the little guy ran into it as I tried to coral him with the piece of mail. Now THAT worked. He jumped up on the glass (instead of going in it), but at least I was able to pick him up and take him over to the devil plant area without him trying to get away from me.

Thankfully neither of the cats came over to see what I was doing over in the berm, and so, now I've got another friendly garden creature eating more of those obnoxious bugs that do nothing but destroy my plants. Awesome.

Friday, June 6, 2008


As mentioned earlier, we've had nasty ultra windy weather.

And my tomatoes have the habit of pulling their cages out of the ground. Since I really, really, really didn't want to lose the Lemon Boy to the wind, I decided to get up early on Thursday the 5th and go out and engineer a better tomato cage.

I ended up just using a left over tree spike (the things you put by the trees to keep them growing straight) and stuck it in the ground near the tomato plant, then went and got some twine and tied the tomato to the spike. I also put a rock next to the spike to help make sure it stayed in place until the dirt compacts more.


Finally, a respite from the heat.

Last night we heard some thunder, but seeing as how it was insanely windy and likely we weren't going to get any rain, we figured we wouldn't see anything. When I woke up this morning, the roads/sidewalks/driveways were wet and there was rain water coming off the roof.

The only problem is it seems like all the rain happened in the front yard, and we just got a dusting in the back yard. In any case, there wasn't much rain at all--maybe about a tenth of an inch.

But still, it made it so the temp only got up to 90.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today, while I was doing my daily check of the plants, I noticed the Lemon Boy Tomato has very small tiny tomatoes on it. Yum Yum.

Also, on a sad note, my husband ran over one of my watermelon plants with the lawn mower. He told me it was a run-away lawn mower accident. I'm not sure if I believe him. :)

It has not rained, and it doesn't look like we'll get any appreciable rain in the near future. It's also been very hot and very windy. Sigh...last year we had too much rain, this year not enough. Why can't we just have perfect weather?