Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Wide Angles

Here we are - at the end of July and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures that I took at the beginning of the month.  The nice thing about my cell phone is that I usually always have it with me (or is easy enough to get), and it automagically downloads all the photos I take to my pictures stash on google.  But it does not, regretfully, automagically make a blog post for me.  It will, however, make auto-albums whenever you go somewhere and take a bunch of photos; like it did for both my husband and me when we went on vacation to London (him) and Paris (both of us).  You can see those albums here and here

Every month, Heather at Xericstyle invites us to post long shots of our yards so we can see how they change over the seasons (and boy do mine change - it makes me realize that I need to add some statuary, or bird baths or something to my side yard).  I also feel compelled to point out that I took these photos after I did the mowing AND weed whacking (Shawn was in London, but the weed whacking almost never gets done because we don't have a long enough power cord - which is why my coworker loaned his to me).  It seems like this is about the ONLY thing I'm doing consistently.  I don't know why that is - I mean, I did make garden goals for the year, those included participating in monthly photos like Wide Angles, Bloom Day, and Foliage Follow Up.  I have been severely negligent in doing Bloom Day and Foliage Follow Up and I don't know why that is.  As mentioned above, this month I was in Paris over Bloom Day and Foliage Follow Up.  But I did take pictures of flowers on Bloom Day (we were at Versailles), and I did take some Foliage only photos on the 16th (we were at Parc Monceau).  We'll get to that when we get to that...maybe.

Anyhow - Wide Angles for July.

From the neighbor's yard:

Of the Berm Bed:

A view of walking up to the front door:

The Hell Strip:

The Rose Bed - after weeding:

Through the gate to the back yard:

A panoramic from by the rain barrel (and featuring our brush pile):

A panoramic from the back door (again, featuring the brush pile):

A closer view of the Grass Corner:

A view of the Veggie Gardens - or as best as I get get both of them in the photo from standing next to my Milkweeds:

And, as always - the Photo Sphere of the back yard