Taste Tests

Red Demon:  A good hot pepper (you gotta like them hot, though).  These dry really easily by just laying out on the counter until dry.

Orange Fogo: A good hot pepper (you gotta like them hot, though).  Does not dry as readily as the Red Demon, and I think it's slightly hotter than the Red Demon - of course it could just be that these are about 2-3 times larger than the Red Demon and that's why it seems hotter - just because I don't have to use as much of it.

Chili Pequin: A good hot pepper - not quite as hot as the Red Demons, hard to chop up for use in food other than something like chilli where you just smash it and throw it in the pot.

Black Jalapeno (Renee's F1): The black jalapenos are seeds that I got from Renee Studebaker and she said she thought it was a reverted Black Pearl pepper - that is, she didn't remove the black pearl peppers at the end of the year and one of them reseeded and came up as a black jalapeno plant.  Anyway, I like them - they're about the same as a regular jalapeno, maybe a wee bit hotter.

Habanero: I have problems with knowing when a habanero is good to use - I tend to think they taste "green" and therefore I don't care for them as much as the Red Demons.  I had a Peach Habanero in 2015 that I let sit on the plant for about 4 weeks after I thought it was ready and it actually did taste a bit fruity.

Arctic Rose - Small patio tomato. Decent sized fruits, med to large yield for the plant size (5 harvested in 2014), but the flavor was bland - 6/10.

Bedouin - Very difficult to tell when ripe with a watery/green taste.  Grew in grow box and it did okay (15 tomatoes in 2015).  Will not try again. 2/10

Black Krim - My all time favorite tomato I've ever grown.  Very assertive tomato flavor. Biggest issue I have with the plant is that it's an heirloom which means a lower yield. I grew this one in 2013, and not again until 2016 because I have "new variety" syndrome. This is the tomato I compare all others to.  10/10

Blueberries - Very vigorous plant. very heavy producer (305 harvested in 2014; 63 harvested 2015). 6' tall plant. Sweet cherry tomato. I really liked this tomato in chopped caprese salad, or on top of baba ganouj. When harvested green and allowed to ripen, the flavor isn't as good (watery flavor) 8/10 when vine ripened, 5/10 when not.

Carmelita - Very bland.  Too sweet to really be used for canning/cooking.  But it did very well in the grow box (30 harvested in 2015).  3/10

Cherokee Purple - Very vigorous plant. Huge tomatoes. Medium producer (17 harvested in 2014). Will split with too much water close to harvest. Very nice flavor, but I think Black Krim beats it slightly.  9.5/10

Chico III - Not bad, but not great.  Not assertively tomato flavored, but not bland. Is prone to blossom end rot (75 harvested in 2014 with 38 not having Blossom End Rot). Do not plant in grow box. 7/10

Chocolate Sprinkles - cherry tomato - robust, sweet.  would definitely grow again. (good producer - we're already at like 20 tomatoes in 2021 and the season has just started).  8/10

Early Girl - Stunted plant and only got 3 tomatoes from it.  The flavor was very much on par with a hothouse winter tomato; why bother?  3/10

Iditarod Red - Container tomato with pretty good production (10 tomatoes in 2015). No bad flavor, but not as good as some of the others. 6.5/10

Japanese Black Trifele - I'm not a fan of this tomato - it's too bland for me; I like my tomatoes to be VERY tomato flavored.  Decent producer (36 tomatoes harvested in 2014). 5/10

Rutgers - Great slicing tomato. Perfect globes; low producer (7 tomatoes in 2015), but flavor was pretty darn good. 7/10

Vorlon - Very good canning/cooking tomato, but doesn't hold up well to cooking (think puree instead of chunky sauce).  Small amount of seeds/gell.  I really like the flavor of this tomato but it's is a low producer (10 harvested in 2015). 8/10

Wessel's Purple Pride - Very good canning/cooking tomato - the flavor is very good with a small amount of seeds/gell.  Decent producer, but the bugs loved the plant (16 tomatoes in 2015).  8/10

Cloud 9: White. Prolific.  Not bitter.

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