Saturday, July 30, 2011

It was all a Go at my house this morning...

This morning, a bunch of Garden bloggers all convened on my house to give me ideas of what to do with my "part All Shade, part All Sun, and Drainage Problems All Over" area of my yard (basically the south side of the house). Along with many great ideas for plants and grading suggestions, I also received a couple of awesome gifts. Diana from Sharing Nature's Garden gave me the little metal dragonfly in the top picture (which is sitting on top of Daphne's garden plan).

Bob from Central Texas Gardening gave me a white Philippine Violet, Ronny from The Lazy Shady Gardener gave me Silver Squill and Soap Aloe. Last but not least, Bob from Gardening at Draco made a butterfly (for lack of a better word) doodad 'specially for me.

I was so excited about having everyone over, I totally spaced that I was going to give away a tea towel that I'm sewing. Le Sigh.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just an observation

I'm having a garden blogging group over to my house next Saturday. I find it kinda funny that I've let the grass go dormant but like hell I'm going to let all the other plants go dormant. I figure I ought to at least PRETEND that I know what I'm doing and am capable of keeping a plant alive...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello, Ginger!

The ginger I planted from pieces on 4/16. Picture taken a week ago, but I figured I aught to post something on Foliage Followup (hosted by Pam at Digging.)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Rock Rose. Picture taken a week earlier, but I figured I aught to post a picture of a flower on bloom day (which is hosted by May Dreams Gardens). Plant was from Bob at Draco Gardens.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

How to separate seedlings

Guess what I found? My point and shoot camera! Okay, it's not like I lost it. It's more like I forgot that I had photos on it. Photos like me separating and transplanting seedlings. Something that I meant to do a "How To" on. So, here it is, 5 months late:

Step 1: Prep the containers you're transplanting to (in this case a 6-pack esque thing and some 4" x 4" pots). I used seed/cutting mix. Also make sure to bring over your seedlings.

Step 2: Label all of your pots. This is especially important if you're pulling multiple types of seedlings.

Step 3: Use a stick or dowel or skewer to poke holes in your soil mix. It would also be smart to get it kinda wet. (this is so it doesn't repel water...dry dirt tends to be hydrophobic for a while and you don't want your seedlings not getting water). You are poking holes so you can get the little seedling roots into the new pots.

Step 4: Grasp your seedling by its leaves. ITS LEAVES. Plants can regenerate leaves, they usually can't regenerate stems. use the dowel/stick/skewer to loosen up the soil around your seedling.

Step 5: Place the seedling into the prepared pot.

Step 6: Use the stick/dowel/skewer to gently pack soil around the roots.

Step 7: Wash, Rinse, Repeat for the rest of your seedlings. Water (I use a spray bottle at first because I don't like bowling over the little plants). Place in protected place out of full sun for a few days until the seedlings recover.