Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seeds to be Seedlings

So I started the seeds the other day. I started the seeds in little peat pots and saved-from-last-year-plastic-plant-thingys on Sunday the 27th. I planted 8 each of the Red Dragon Peppers and Orange Fogo Peppers. and 7 Brandywine Tomatoes, 5 Marvel Tomatoes and 4 Green Zebra tomatoes.

All the plants are now in my little plastic greenhouse at work where they will most likely remain until it is time to plant all the plants at the beginning of April (or end of March).

Also. The last weekend in March is the Zilker Park Plant Festival. I haven't gone yet, but I think this may be the year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


So, according to the Natural Gardener's list o' things to do in January, one of the many things to do is to start the tomato seeds. So, I shall have to start this post haste.

eh, I'll just wait 'til the weekend. Besides, I don't have any potting dirt.