Saturday, June 1, 2013

A VERY Late Foliage Follow-Up

As with all of my bloom day photos, I also took a few photos of things that weren't blooming - those that provide some stand out foliage.
Artemisia*, and non-blooming Turk's Cap, Society Garlic*, and Red Sage* providing massive amounts of foliage.
Again, the * indicates plants that are originally from fellow garden bloggers.

Other foliage plants as of the 16th:
Ghost Plant*
Agave Quadricolor Lophantha*
Victoria Agave*
Boston Ivy
Swiss Chard
Chili Pequin
Shrimp Plant*
Cast Iron Plant*
Giant Petunia*
Asiatic Jasmine
Beauty Berry*
Agave Americana*

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Ally said...

Pass-a-long plants from friends are the best. They always seem to come with good growing mojo.