Sunday, June 16, 2013

NxNA Garden Tour - Millington Garden

The third garden I visited was the Millington Garden. It was designed by Pam Penick and installed by the home owner. The garden is a low-grass semi-shady oasis.  Basically, it's what half of my backyard aspires to be.

The back porch

On the left side of the house looking toward the back seating and firepit area.

Limestone brick stairs made out of the same bricks that form the wall.

The firepit area.  The key to a bunch of Pam's designs is to have pathways leading one around the yard.

A lamp next to the firepit

Following the path around, this is the view toward the right side of the house.

And looking back at the corner - rock rose and a shrubby tree (Mexican buckeye maybe?)

Looking over toward the firepit.  The yard has a bunch of Pam's Pink Turk's Cap.  When I pointed this out to the home owner he admitted that Pam's design actually called for Big Mama Turk's Cap but they couldn't find it at the garden center.

A gorgeous disappearing fountain in the pond feature with reeds (likely horse tail) with sago palm behind and a yaupon holly (probably "Will Flemming") to the right.

The deck chairs with a copy of Pam's book Lawn Gone available for the tourers to thumb through.

Plumbago on the side of the porch.  The pond feature is right behind the plumbago.

Looking through the gate to the front yard

A picture from the front of the drive

The other side of the front yard - looking back to the gate I just walked through.

And then, because I wanted to talk to the owner about the Turk's cap, I walked back through the yard going the other way.  Going through something the opposite direction provides new sites - here's a mini-gate next to the garden shed.

A picture of the back corner (the one with the rock rose) including the artemisia and purple coneflower in the foreground.

And finally a picture of the very comfy looking bench swing.   The porch was very nice with the fan going.  A wonderful place to sit and enjoy a drink on a nice day.


Annie in Austin said...

This was such a serene garden, wasn't it? And we also noticed the Pam's Pink... and found out they'd chosen it by default.
But while we were looking at the front garden, we saw deer browsing across the street in broad daylight, not looking disconcerted by the groups of people. The owner said they had to replant the front containers before the tour.

My friends had other commitments so we had to start earlier & end earlier - with different timing it would have been fun to go with you! I'm glad we were able to go & sure hope the NXNA folks do this again next year.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

larry smith said...

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