Friday, May 31, 2013

Some VERY late pictures for Bloom Day

So on Bloom Day of this month (May 15), I totally took a bunch of pictures of the plants that were blooming.  Unfortunately, I lost my blogging mojo at around that time so I never posted them.  Here are a smattering with a list at the bottom of everything that was blooming.


Caldwell Pink Rose


Tahoka Daisy

Dahlberg Daisy* and Prairie Fleabane

Blue Passionflower

Cosmos Flowers*

Confederate Jasmine vine

Other plants blooming on May 15, 2013:
August Duelberg Sage
Yellow Columbine
Red Columbine
White Yarrow
"Paprika" Yarrow
Texas Betony
Gregg's Mistflower*
Tropical Milkweed
Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Englemann's Daisy
White Mistflower
Mexican Hat
Dr. Huey Rose
White Guara
Prairie Verbena
Drummond Phlox
Purple Skullcap
Blackfoot Daisy
Larkspur (purple and white)*
Summer Thyme
Plains Coreopsis 'Nana'
Arizona Blanketflower*
Birdseed Sunflowers (i.e. sunflowers from fallen birdseed)

* = plants that are from (or the original plant was from) fellow garden bloggers (either plant or seeds)

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