Sunday, June 9, 2013

NxNA Garden Tour - Glass Garden

On Saturday, June 1, the inaugural North Austin (NXNA) Garden Tour took place.  Saturday was tours of gardens, both private and public (19 of them!) and Sunday was garden talks at the YMCA.  One got to do all this for a measly $10. 

Since my mother in law, my go-to garden tour buddy, was out of town, and both my dad and husband refused to go, I ended up doing the tour by my lonesome.  

After getting a late start (the tour went from 10am to 4pm; and I didn't start until noon), I headed first to the Glass Garden (to purchase my ticket and pick up the tour map).

And now without further ado, the photos:

The back patio area

Pathway to the wood pile - Lime tree (I think) in the foreground and fountain grass in the background.

Oakey Doakey Artichokey.  I really like the metal trellises on the fence.  The woodpile in the previous picture is behind the plant in the background.

A closeup of the artichoke

Veggie gardens (in ground, no less) with hoops that make me jealous.  The garden shed was built to match the color and style of the house.

The Artichoke bed - I get the feeling that the first artichoke is an artichoke grown for the blooms while these are the ones grown to eat.

Artichoke bud.  There are so many artichokes around town that I think I may have to try growing them soon - now to find a spot for one, they do get kinda large, after all.

Another angle of the back patio.

The back patio with disappearing fountain and agave/succulent bed in the foreground.

A view on the way out of the yard - I love the little pocket garden in the right corner and the bird bath on the left.


Linda said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm a lifelong Texan learning to garden in the Pacific Northwest. I find it frustrating learning so many new plants. Plant sizes in Texas are very different from what they are here. I can't seem to believe they grow bigger here.

Ally said...

Did they explain why there is wood attached to the pvc hoops in the garden? Just curious.

R N said...

Katina, next time you're in a garden tour bind give me a call. I was off this weekend and did nothing but chores. Boring, boring chores.

katina said...

@Roberta - I thought about giving you a call but figured that you were probably working on Saturday. Wish I would have called!

katina said...

@Ally - No, I didn't even think to ask.

R N said...

@Ally now you've got me wondering about the wood, too. What the heck?

Annie in Austin said...

We were there earlier than you, Katina and that potting shed had our group green with envy - so spacious and with doors on both ends for airflow! But it was way too big to pass muster with some of our HOAs.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose