Thursday, June 20, 2013

NxNA Garden Tour - Nazor Garden

The fourth stop on the North Austin Garden tour was the Nazor Garden.  Mr. Nazor is a spikey plant aficionado and has roughly 40 different types of plants in his front yard.  It is a well laid out area that gets full sun and very little water - and yet he still is able to have lawn.  Crazy awesome.

Not Mr. Nazor's yard - I took this picture for my parents - I'm trying to show them that you don't have to go "desert" to make the spiky plants look good.

Also not Mr. Nazor's yard - though this is directly across the street from him.

Mr. Nazor's yard, as seen when walking up to it.  The large tree in front is sunk into the ground a bit (there's a small step down to get to the actual base of it).

How fortuitous to have a cactus bloom on the tour day.  I've very intrigued by the succulent to the left - it looks like a type of ghost plant, only with curvy leaves.

The water collection system.

Walking up to the front door

A very nice grouping of at least 7 different varieties of succulent/cacti.

A view of one of the front beds from the front door.

A closer view of the same bed.

And from the 'corner'.  Since there's so many different plants in the beds, there's different plants in every shot.

Right next to the front door.

A close-up of a variegated leaf.

A native penstemon

Agave (right), yucca (bottom), cyad (top) and pipe vine (center)

A slightly different angle which shows off the different textures and colors a little better.

Pipevine bloom.  This plant is a larval host plant for the pipevine swallowtail.

Agaves, cyads, and palms.

A view of the other bed - the agaves between the two beds are similar colors, but are different types (as can be seen from their growth habit).  In the hell strip, there's a Pride of Barbados plant which can handle our heat and will just keep on going.

Mr. Nazor's yard is such a wonderland, I could have spent the entire afternoon wandering around asking "What's this?" over and over.  But since I didn't have and endless amount of time, I headed over to my car and off to the next garden.


Bob said...

I'm liking those succulants and cacti more and more myself.

Bond said...

These are really cool! There are some amazing xeriscaped yards out here and I really want to take photos, but I feel weird taking pictures of stranger's yards. I'm not sure why because I would be on the street/sidewalk so what does it matter to them.