Saturday, June 8, 2013

The State of the Garden

You know, generally I feel like I'm a competent veggie gardener. Not great, but not horrible. And then I went and took care of my friend's garden for the week while she was out of town. Flowers artfully arranged and blooming, garden clean and in perfect square foot gardening order.  Plants all green and flourishing.  Tomatoes everywhere.  Squash plants actually growing.

And then, there's my garden.  Overgrown.  Sometimes struggling.  Nothing flourishing (except the parsley).  My tomatoes are barely growing, they definitely don't have any tomatoes on them (except for the ones in the grow box - OOO, which, by the way - I just got my first JD's Special CenTex tomato the other day.  It was wonderful!  Like right up there with the Krims...or from what I remember - I would like to be able to do a direct comparison taste test, but see aforementioned issue with tomatoes).  The garlic is generally puny, and it probably doesn't help much that I planted it really late (which, by the way, you should totally check out Roberta's crazy awesome garlic haul). 

It's just generally like that one scene in the Simpsons - the "Why doesn't my Grill look like that?!" one - right before he runs into the messed up grill with a beach umbrella.  Of course, it ends up becoming the kickoff to his artist career.

I know that I need to add more compost.  I need to pull out all the plants, remove the mulch and add more soil and compost.  I know I need to do this, I just can't ever seem to get around to it.  It would also require digging up and transplanting a bunch of herbs - of course most of them could stand to be divided anyway.  And I really should move the chile pequins to the part of the yard I actually want them in...

Yeah, I should really just buck up and do it - do the work to get the soil back into working order.  Then my garden can go back to being productive and not a hot mess.

Still, I probably ought to ask my coworker what her secret is.


Ally said...

When you find out what her secret is I'd love to know. I have pretty good success with most things in the garden, but garlic isn't one of them.

Claude said...

This time of year is frustrating on a garden, everything wants to grow, but nothing wants to grow as much as the weeds. I generally do everything by sections... " this 3 foot square will be perfect!" then I move on to the next section. it's top overwhelming to think of the whole thing at once.

Annie in Austin said...

Your friend's garden sounds so fine, Katina.

My tomatoes were really poky - guess they did not like repeated nights in early spring where it didn't quite freeze but dropped well below 40F. We got a couple of Black Krims, but this week the squirrels started swiping tomatoes that were still small and green. Thank heavens for the Farmers Market.

BTW, where did you find the JD Special? We planted it once & had a couple of great tomatoes but haven't seen that variety for a few years.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose