Friday, June 14, 2013

Lady Bug Pupa

The Dill plant hung around just long enough to get 2 swallowtail caterpillars off on a good foot, a bunch of aphids showed up and so did the lady bug larva.  And then they did this - pupated into actual lady bugs.  How awesome is that?  Unfortunately, that redish blog in the background is a new crop of leaf footed bugs.  ick.


R N said...

I thought the title of this post was Lady Bug Papa and clicked my way to your blog immediately! The good vs the bad are going at it mano a mano in my garden this year. We've had equal measure of ladybugs and lacewings and then the dreaded leaf-footed nymphetes had to crash the party and ruin everything. Whatever, at least you can drown the nymphs in water unlike the possum that helped itself to my eggs and tomatoes recently. Can't drown a possum. Animal Control would be all over your ass.

katina said...

@Roberta - ha. Yeah, this is the first time I've had a plethora of lady bug nymphs on my plants...and they're all gone now. I also had a plethora of leaf footed nymphs. I tried to drown as many as I could.

You're right, animal control would probably be all over your ass for drowning a opossum...but what if the opossum drowns itself? I remember the vet telling me about the time a raccoon got into their large garbage can and died in it because it couldn't get back out. Since then, he's kept the top bungee corded closed.