Saturday, June 29, 2013

NxNA Garden Tour - Rancho Chaotic

Leaving from Ivy Garden, I headed back south to Breuer Garden, also known as Rancho Chaotic.

Upon arriving at Rancho Chaotic, the house is tucked behind the front ornamental beds and the veggie beds. 

It appears that having veggie gardens in the front yard is all the rage right now (more accurately, having veggie gardens where ever there's enough sun for them is all the rage).
Taken between the veggie beds on the left and the ornamental beds on the right.

The beds hide the decent sized front yard.  Dead and dying St. Augustine grass was replaced with drought tolerant plants.

Front yard - veggie bed to the right.

This wasn't the first house that had blooming lamb's ear, but it did have the most accessible one (meaning that I didn't have to lay down on the ground to get a photo).
lamb's ear

This was the first house (though it wouldn't be the last) that had Bear's Breeches, sometimes called Oyster Plant (scientific name: Acanthus mollis)

Bear's Breeches
And a closeup

Bear's Breeches
Heading around to the back yard, I walked around a blind for the trash and recycling, and as I turned to look back, I noticed that there was a nice trellis with concrete bench.

Heading on through the gate, I first came upon the grilling round.  The homeowner had pictures on hand of when she first planted the boxwoods a few years ago.

Going down the stairs, I came to the back yard which is dominated by an oversized deck.  The back yard is mostly grass free with a strip between the deck and the chicken run, the round circle in the grilling circle and another circle on the other side of the yard.  The circles are mowed with a mower and the strip is just weed whacked when it gets over grown (so only about 3 times a year).
At the bottom of the deck looking toward the chicken run

A lamp on a table

Succulents in small pots on the table

The chicken coop

Heading back out to the front of the house, I noticed the planting bed on the left side of the drive which I had completely missed on the way in.

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Ally said...

Bear's Breeches are my latest "must have" plants. I've been seeing them all over and they look great. Cool plant!