Thursday, May 13, 2010


5 years ago I stuck three toothpicks into an avocado pit and balanced it on a glass full of water. It sprouted and I then potted it. The cat then started chewing on it and eventually managed to break the main stem. Since it didn't die within a week, I decided I'd take it to work and set it on my windowsill (you can see pictures of it here, and here). It's finally reached the point where 1) it needs to be repotted again and I don't want to have a 50 lb pot full of dirt sitting on my desk, and 2) it started looking very sad. Like it just wasn't getting enough sun (not surprising since the windows have sun shields on them). So now the avocado tree is sitting right by my front door:


LindaCTG said...

Was this one you started from a pit? Cool! Yes, even the best office light just isn't enough. Give it some liquid seaweed to perk it up and welcome it home!

katina said...

Linda, yes, I did start it from a pit...5 years ago. I'll update the post to specify that.