Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Garden '10: Update

As mentioned previously, I went on vacation to help my in-laws move to Georgetown. Since I was gone for 5 days, I had to leave my budding garden in the hands of my very capable neighbor (who gets all produce that ripens during the time we are gone, AND usually, if we have stuff that ripens right before we leave, she gets that as well. This works out well because she went vegetarian around October of last year).

While we were gone, the spring garden really took off. The Green Zebra tomatoes grew about 6", the Black Krim shot up, and the Ananas Noire finally stopped looking so bad. The corn grew about a foot (or at least that's what it seems like). and some of the watermelons went berserk. The lemon balm looks like it's thinking about taking over the garden, and a bunch of the basil I got from one of my coworkers is blooming. The Kentucky Wonder Bean plant I got at the Allandale Plant Sale has gone up the 5' tomato cage and is now looking for something else to grow on. I think it will probably take over the neighbor's yard before the end of the summer. The eggplant is probably about half the size that last year's eggplant ended at. And I grew this one from seed! The only downside is that it looks like I've got another outbreak of spider mites, so I'll probably try to work on that soon. Problem being that tomorrow (Saturday), we have a wedding to go to, and then on Sunday we're helping the in-laws unload the moving truck. Which means I MIGHT get around to it on Monday. Which is the day I have to start seedlings for the garden blogger meet up in June.

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