Friday, May 28, 2010

Fall Garden '09 Updates (Growing Season '10)

I pulled all the garlic this week. Or rather, I pulled 3 of the 5 types (one type never even sprouted) over a week ago before I left on vacation to help my in-laws move down here. I just finally pulled the 4th variety yesterday. I currently have garlic and onions drying in the corner of the kitchen (who would have guessed that the silly little ceiling hook that the previous owners put in would have been so handy?).

I think I'm going to pull a bunch of green onions this weekend and take them to work--I thought I wouldn't have a problem using them, but with a husband who doesn't like onion, it means I never add it to anything and just didn't realize it til after I grew it I guess.

I also pulled the last of the beets before vacation. I gave half to the neighbor lady who watches the cats for us (I also gave her some bulb onions, green onions, parsley, garlic, and oregano). As predicted, there's only ONE which was a golden beet, so I'll try to remember to take pictures when I cook them up.

Bulbing onions are about the only thing left from the fall garden, and I've been watching them like a hawk to make sure they aren't sending up flower stalks, I figure I'll pull them all no matter what in a week or so. Though I guess I should note that I pulled one yesterday that was the size of a baseball (YAY!).

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