Sunday, May 9, 2010

So Much!

So much has happened since I last posted a picture of the lady bug eggs.

So let's see...
-The lady bugs hatched and started eating all the aphids.
-I pulled out the bug ridden pea plants the lady bugs were on and painstakingly looked over every bit of those plants picking off the baby ladybugs and placing them on my beans and eggplant.
-I've lost all my dill caterpillars. I had 3 at the beginning of the week, then I went out wednesday and was down to 2, and on Friday morning I checked on the dill and had 1, and by the time I came back from my doctor's appointment, there were none. Caroline suggested that they decided to pupate, and Vertie says that all of her swallowtail caterpillars have always trekked quite a distance before pupating (dill apparently is not a very sturdy plant), so the going theory is that they've either all gone to pupate or the birds got them.
-I pulled 4 bulbing onions (3 white, one purple)
-I pulled a small handful of scallions
-I planted 3 cucumber plants, 5 thai basil plants, and yet another tomato plant (though I don't remember what type the tomato's gotta be green zebra, marvel stripe or brandywine).
-pulled out 4 of the 5 Shilla Garlics because the plants started falling over (and I don't think garlic is supposed to do that).
-planted some of the cast iron plant that Diana gave me
-separated the rest of the cast iron plant that Diana gave me and potted them and took some to work
-pulled out some of the snow cloud artemisia and took it to work as well.
-collected god knows how many seeds from the marigolds
-pulled some plants out of the cactus pot and potted them up in their own little 4" plants...I think they're turk's cap, but the leaves are super soft and since I think turk's cap and rock rose leaves look very similar, they might be rock rose...or the third option is that they're actually a weed of some sort. Because that's always fun--re-potting weeds.
-found some seeds my mom sent me 5 years ago (parsley, basil, black-eyed susans, and cornflower). I rolled them up in some wetted paper towels and put them in a Ziploc bag. Amazingly (and I had this wrong in my tweet), the cornflower and the basil (I think) actually did sprout. So I put some in some of their own 4" pots and have them sitting on the window sill to finish sprouting, then they'll be moved outside to get some more sun.
-Finally, I took 80-billionty pictures of butterflies. I watered everything after planting the cucumbers and basil and the swallowtails LOVED it so they were around for quite a while.

I'll be posting pictures of all this stuff throughout the week as I have time (or, more likely, I'll just auto-post some of the pictures).

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