Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll take S words for $100

These small plants are used in gardening to get a quick start to the growing season. What are seedlings?

The fruit of this tree is used to make guacamole. What is a Sharwil Avocado Tree? (okay, it's actually a Hass avocado tree, but I needed an S word)

This is the event that happened on February 23, 2010. What is Snow!!?

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bond said...

Silly Kyle. There was not a trace of snow or ice or anything other than cold and damp down here. Grrrr! I should've gone out with the "kids" of the office to play in the snow. I kept hoping it would get colder and really stick! Plus it was rather nice watching the big flakes flutter down from the comfort of a warm office. I have seen snow more than I can recount being from the north, but can't ever recall seeing a snow that heavy from 12 stories up!!! It was different!