Sunday, August 2, 2009

Planning for the Fall

I just pulled out my Planting Guide for Travis County* and noticed that most of the fall seeds need to be planted in September. Which means that we need to start planning for where to put our second raised bed. Based on my "Winter Sun" chart I made in January, it looks like the best place is just to the left of the location of our previous bed. Of course the problem with this spot is that the Rose of Sharon plant will provide some shade from the sun while it still has leaves on it, but once the leaves are gone, it should be fine. I've already told Shawn that we need to plan a little better for this bed--like putting some pieces of PVC vertically on the sides so we can make frames if we need to (whether sun shade or garden net or even string nets for climbing plants), pulling it a little ways from the fence so I can actually walk all the way around the bed, etc.

Now then, as far as plants: I've got Broccoli seeds (which I probably need to be starting soon), garlic that will be delivered in time for planting, scallions, carrots, beets and chard. Plus, I'll keep everything that's going in the spring garden bed going for a fall garden as well.

I also had my first run in with the dreaded Squash Vine Borer last week. I did surgery on all three of my plants, and it only ended up killing one of them, the other two have pulled through admirably, though I still doubt they'll set fruit before they die from a freeze or something (though at the rate we're going, we're never going to see temps under 70 ever again).

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Bob said...

We grew fall potaoes when I was a kid and they always did better then in the spring. Nurseries quit carrying them a long time ago as I guess they just didn't sell. If you happen to see any at a nursery call me. Thanks Bob