Sunday, August 23, 2009


The passion vine ended up supporting 4 butterflies (there were many more caterpillars, but they didn't make it since the vine wasn't large enough for that many). Also, amazingly to me, the passion vine has already started to recuperate--there are new leaf sets all over it. I expected it to be bare until next year. I wasn't around for the second hatching, but I did get a picture the morning of the day of (August 6).

And then, yesterday (August 22), I noticed this little buddy flying around and taking a breather on some of the wildflowers out front.

I thought about sending this one in for the Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest, but didn't look at the deadline until today. Oh well, C'est la Vie.

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Bob said...

Good grief, what good pictures. Isn't it just amazing how that cocoon thing all works out. Of course I'm easily amazed. I still think it's a miracle how you can plant a little seed and a big tomato plant grows up, makes tomatoes and there are more of the seeds in the tomatoes that you planted in the first place.