Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. I would like to plant Garlic for next year. After reading Vertie's blog, I think I will order some. This is only dangerous because I've got 80 billionty seeds that I bought in the spring...and most of them are winter plants. I forsee building another raised bed in the near future. Good thing Bob gave me brackets to make 2 beds.
Update: I will be planting some garlic. I just ordered some from the place Vertie got hers last year.

2. Does anyone know if beets, broccoli, and garlic grow well together?

3. I keep meaning to post about my yard art, but always forget. I found this while doing some field work for my job. No, I did not take it out of anyone's yard. It was sitting at the bottom of a creek. Instead of going through the hassle of writing out a work ticket to have the field crew come out and remove it, and then go and put it in the dump, I decided I'd haul it up the bank and then take it home. This thing is HEAVY. I don't know how it ended up in the creek (okay, that's not true, I do--someone threw it into the creek), but it does worry me some that its brother was in the same creek, but at a different place (about 20 yards away)--did the previous owners intentionally throw the blocks away at two separate locations or did the water move them? It's likely that the water flow moved them, but still, as I said, they're heavy, it is solid cement after all. Anyhow, I would like to do something like East Side Philip's Botox Lady with it, but need to find something somewhat vining for it (I actually was hoping that the scarlet flax would come back this year and so I could play around, but alas, it was not to be). I also apparently need to move this a couple feet away from where I have it now since it apparently a bird poop collector.

4. The Rock Rose and Artemesia from Bob by the front door:
I must have put the artemesia in too shady of a spot because it's practically growing along the ground to the east. The roses, however, are flourishing. I think I'm going to put the turk's cap and mist flower over by this area as well (only they'll both be further to the east, and therefore have more sun).

5. Since Bob's told me that he'll give me a beauty berry bush, I've been contemplating where to put it--do I put it over by the turks cap in the backyard, or do I pull out the invasive Nandina and put it there, or do I just put it on the hill area next to the Nandina and leave the Nandina in the ground? I don't know how much I'll like red next to purple, but at the same time, that's the same thing that would happen if I put it next to the turks cap. Plus I guess I'd better start thinking about where I'll put my Avocado tree. It currently sits in my office downtown, and sits right next to the window, but since they put that sun reflector stuff on the windows, it doesn't get nearly as much sun as it seems it should get...which means I probably need to put it in a semi-shady spot in the back yard.


Bob said...

I wish I could tell you something about the garlic but I have never had really good luck with it. Lyn keeps getting me to plant more as she uses so much in her cooking. It just never put's on any more on to the heads. Hope yours does better.

Annie in Austin said...

All my garlic experience is also with eating rather than growing, Katina - but good luck!

The stone thing is really cool. A real Central Texas flood could probably lift and move it!

My beauty berry has a fair amoung of shade - and if your mockingbirds are paying attention the purple berries won't have time to clash with anything - mine are usually gone in a week ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

(The verification word is "ovism", defined as "The old theory that the egg contains the whole embryo of the future organism and the germs of all subsequent offsprings and is merely awakened to activity by the spermatozoon" Wonder if "spermism" ever comes up in word verification?)

ESP said...

Hi Katina.

Interesting little bit of stone you have found yourself in the creek of all places.

I have sad news regarding the Botox lady's has got fried in this infernal heat, she is once again bald, and believe me she is not a happy camper (being as vain as she is)!
I have promised her a fresh planting of hair in the fall but she is skeptical.

Thanks for the mention.