Monday, August 3, 2009


Darn that Squash Vine Borer. Darn them all to heck! I pulled another 3 out of the plants yesterday and wiped off god knows how many eggs. And while I was talking to my mom on the phone, I watched the adult fly around and deposit more eggs (which I wiped off as she went along). You may ask why I didn't just kill the bug, but that's because I'm weird like that--I don't like getting my hands dirty unless it's with dirt.

So, because of the surgery, half of the butternut is dead, and the delicata has bit the dust as well. On the plus side, I think I'm going to just go out every afternoon and do an egg search instead of waiting until the borer is actually inside the vine.

I do, however, think the adult bugs look really cool...the grubs just look like something someone would eventually eat on Survivor.


cat said...

oh these are my nemesis...i actually did try to catch the offending adult and they are too quick..haha! my pumpkins are not happy and i've lost several vines. i'm beginning to think maybe i should grow off season and see what happens...

sorry you are having problems too!

Bob said...

Get you a badminton racket to swat those flying bugs. I keep one at the shop to swat the mud dobbers. I found mine in the neighbors trash a few years ago. A tennis racket would work but you get more hand speed with the badminton racket. No pooky on your hands that way. Good luck with them.