Sunday, August 30, 2009


I forgot to mention (which, I know, we're in a drought, how could I forget to mention RAIN?): We had rain last week. On Wednesday night. Not a whole heck of a lot. about half an inch or so. It was still enough to refill the rain barrel though. So I'm happy for that.

It also caused one of the rain lilies I got from Annie at the Transplantable Rose to bloom. And look, us no where near a bloom day. sigh. Maybe I'll just have to post the picture on the 15th of Sept and pretend it bloomed then instead.

And then, with the temperatures dropping because of a cold front (thus making the highs like in the mid nineties), it's almost like it's fall. I'm almost tempted to open the windows at night.

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Bonnie said...

My ox blood lilies and red spider lilies have made their appearance thanks to the recent showers and the cenizos are going crazy with flowers. I am hearing thunder as I type so I am praying for more rain today and tomorrow.