Thursday, August 27, 2009


My garlic arrived today.

"Hey, katina, what's in the box?"


"hmmm, yes, I guess I should have figured that out since it's from 'Gourmet Garlic Gardens'... When do we have to plant this stuff?"

"I'm not sure...sometime soonish--they only send the stuff when it's about time for you to plant it."

"oh. And when do we harvest it?"

"like June I think."

He just sighed, shook his head, and then asked what we were having for dinner.

Update: I checked which types we were sent, they are: California Early, Burgundy, Korean Red, Shilla, and one other one that I don't remember, but probably another soft neck variety. (you'd think I'd remember since I just looked in the box like 10 minutes ago, but alas, no. And since I sealed up the box until we get to planting time in September/October, I'm not going to go look at it again).

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Bob said...

He's an engineer, he'll inderstand with thr right leg work now there will be a big pay off later. That and your spagetti sauce will taste better late next summer.