Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tomato Taste Test

Since I don't eat raw tomatoes, I took one from each of the plants (except the Brandywine) and had my coworkers try them and tell me what they thought. The only problem is that I don't know which tomato was the Viva Italia and which was the Roma. I think I know, but I'm not positive, so I'll have to wait for the fall garden crop to be sure.

The Black Krim was favored by 2 of the 5 tasters. And the 2 that liked it ate the whole thing, thus the other 3 couldn't try it. I was, however, told by both the tasters that if I ever had any extra krims that I didn't want, they would be glad to take them. Of course, the 3 that didn't try it did get a look at it and were all leary about eating it since it is a purple tomato and has greenish/black goo.

The Viva Italia (at least I think it was the Viva Italia) was deemed the best paste tomato. Very little seed and goo, good meat amount. It was the favored tomato by two of the tasters.

The BHN was very acidic flavored, but good. It was the number 3 pick for all the tasters (number 2 for the ones that didn't get to try the Krim)

The Roma (at least I think it was the Roma) came out at the bottom of the bunch. I was told it tasted like a store-bought tomato and everyone was surprised that I grew it in the garden.

As I said, when the plants start producing again, I'm going to have to take in one from each plant and do another taste test...because it ain't scientifically proven until you have multpile tests showing the same result. Besides, it will give me time to figure out the difference between the Viva Italia and Roma plants.


Bob said...

Is Goo one of those technical engineering terms?

katina said...

Why yes, Bob, why do you ask? :)

bond said...

mmmm, more taste tests! You have inspired me to try and grow slicing tomatoes or sauce tomatoes again. I tried twice in previous years and gave up because while I had cherry tomotatoes coming out my ears, I would get a measely 2 or 3 tomatoes off of them all season. Surely next summer will have to be wetter and cooler!!! Although not as wet as a couple years ago when our garden was waterlogged most of the summer. But your tomatoes ae soooo tasty!!

Bob said...

Why do you not eat raw tomatoes? Is there something about them I need to know?

katina said...

No, raw tomatoes are perfectly fine. I just don't care for them much (I'll eat some on some foods, and I love pico de gallo). Maybe it's the acidity of them I don't like...I don't know. I just know that I'm not one of those people who can grab a tomato and eat it like an apple.