Friday, September 14, 2012

The Situation

This is what our backyard looks like from the deck:

It doesn't look too bad, right?  It's green-ish, but it doesn't look at that bad.  Until you get close to it:

This weed (spotted spurge) makes up the ENTIRE yard shown in the picture above.  I've managed to pull it all out on the other half of the yard, but it's already starting to come back.  It's so totally a losing battle. BUT!  I shall win the may just take a while...I'm thinking this will be like the Civil War - something that some thought would be over quickly...and 4 years later it finally ended.  Maybe I should add this monster to my goals.


Tim said...

I have been fighting this on my decomposed granite. And this week I bought a 10 pack of gloves which I think sums up how well it's going. But we must win!

Lancashire rose said...

I think we all have a problem with this weed. the only thing good I can say about it is that it is easy to pull out, year after year, after year. The decomposed granite is full of new young plants.