Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TGO: Seed Paper and Seed Bombs

Tonight I went to the Great Outdoors' 'happy hour' to learn how to make seed paper and seed bombs. I also bought myself some Crocus Sativus (aka saffron crocus - I'm so going to be able to have hoity toity food next year, it's a gonna be awesome!).  Extra bonus, the bulbs were 20% off because I got them during the happy hour.

From what I remember...

Seed Paper: 
Some amount of shredded paper
a Blender
A picture frame with screen material stapled to it
Wildflower seeds (though I don't know why you couldn't do this with other seeds...tomatoes! basil! tomatoes and basil!)

  • blend the shredded paper and water together until well blended pulp is achieved. There is some debate on how runny it should be - mine was fairly thick and will work as a great sheet of wildflower seeds...if you wanted to write on the paper, maybe a thinner pulp is needed...
  • add a small scoop of seeds and mix with finger
  • scoop/pour the pulp onto the screen (make sure to do this over something like a sink or tub...or do it know what, just do it outside)
  • shake out extra water and press (to get water out) or use a clean sponge to press water out.
  • Turn out onto drying rack and let paper dry. 
  • To use, tear apart, get wet and throw on the ground.  keep moistened until seeds sprout.

Seed Bombs:
1 part wildflower seeds (again, I suppose you could use other seeds)
3 parts compost
5 parts dry clay

  • Mix above ratio with water until a mud-like consistence is achieved.  
  • roll into balls and let dry.  
  • to use, throw outside in location where you want seeds to grow - this is great for achieving a meadow look or something to that effect.

And now, you, too, can make homemade Christmas gifts.  Though it would be kinda cool to be able to make some of the seed paper and have it be smooth enough to draw what the seeds are on the paper itself (so like draw a bunch of wildflowers if that's the seed used...or a basil plant if using basil seeds).

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