Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Update: Rose Bed

An updated photo of the 'rose bed' is in order.  The rose bush is a Dr. Huey rose, and I planted two zexmenia, a thyme plant and lion's tail in the bed as well.  This is likely the last of my "plopper" projects (admittedly, I had, to some extent, at least planned on putting the zexmenia here when I was at the Wildflower Center's plant sale going "I really, really want these...where am I going to put them?" But the lion's tail and the thyme were surprise purchases while at the spring Sun City plant sale and East Side Succulents, respectively).

And, of course, after looking at this photo (even though there is no mulch in the rose bed, it does have the color of mulch), I'm not digging the decomposed granite vs. mulch look...which means I'm either going to be raking up all the DG or adding it to the rose bed...maybe I can make it look 'artsy' in what parts are DG and what parts are mulch in the bed...

The beginning of the rose bed project can be seen here:
Project:  Rose Bed


Roberta said...

What color are the roses? I keep playing with the idea of buying myself a Lady Banks rose but I hardly have time now that the vegetables are going in. I need to prepare an area for the rose if I do get one and that is the time robber.

katina said...

Roberta - it's a maroonish color. mine doesn't bloom for a long period of time (not sure if it's because I don't take care of the plant or if it's because of the rose itself - Lori at Gardener of Good and Evil may know more).

katina said...

Also - i need to state that the Dr. Huey is probably going to be pretty impossible to find at a nursery. It's the rootstock for a bunch of roses, but isn't usually used au natural. Of course, if you want a Dr. Huey, all you have to do is buy a rose that's been grafted onto a Dr. Huey and then cut that part off.

I'll try to remember to post a photo of it in bloom when it blooms this next year.

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