Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changes: Now and Then

The side yard as of September 2012 (and yes, I realize this is a different angle than the photos below.  That is because for the longest time, the most interesting part was the back portion, now it's the front portion.  But really, this one was just as sparse)

January 2012.  Liriope taking off and Cast Iron plant added.  Also, a bag of mulch which has sat in the exact same location.  I now have a bag of garden soil sitting on my deck...it's been there since the spring.  Maybe I should put this on my goals list too - empty bags sitting in yard or at least move bags to garage.

January 2010 (after the big freeze).  Everything but the liriope frozen to the ground.

November 2009.  The liriope looks so small!  The shrimp plant looks tiny!

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