Thursday, September 6, 2012


It seems more fitting for the beginning of fall to be a resolution time for the Austin area, methinks.  This is because the fall is when garden projects can really begin since it's cooling off and what have you.

So, Garden Resolutions:
  1. Work on my side yard project (removing grass, put in a little drainage ditch, and move/divide plants)
  2. Remove a bunch of rock in the back yard, and turn the area into a little patio.  Likely with birdbath or small stock tank pond or something similar.
  3. Do SOMETHING to kinda hide the utility box in the back yard (like a combo clumping grass and cinder block wall)
  4. Put the rain barrels on cinder blocks so they will actually drain
  5. Cut the downspout so I can actually get the second rain barrel under it.
  6. Draw up garden plans instead of doing things willy nilly
  7. Prune all the perennials
  8. Dig up and divide/give away the perrenials that have taken over
  9. Conscientiously Un-garden.  As in don't water the damn plants so much.  We need to have some tough love up in here...of course I can't do that with my cats so I doubt it's going to work out with the plants...damn me and my "must save it!" ways.
  10. Clean out my veggie garden beds.  I already have 6 plants that perennially come back (thyme, oregano, lemon balm (2) and garlic chives (2)).  If I'm not careful, I'll end up needing to build more garden beds for the veggies...again.
  11. Mulch. Mulch. Mulch.
  12. More plants for birds and butterflies.  It astounds me how many of both I've had this year (feeding and watering and trying to keep plants blooming)
  13. Deadhead plants/collect seeds
  14. Start more plants from seeds/cuttings
  15. Enjoy the garden more...of course I may be able to do that more readily when it's not 100 degrees outside and when I'm not worried about getting West Nile at every turn...of course I think getting rid of more of the Asian Jasmine would help with keeping the mosquitoes under control.


Tim said...

I'm stealing your list. It's fantastic.

Pretty much all my Jasmine died last year and it hasn't done a fantastic amount for the mosquito problem, unfortunately (and taking it out is horrible).

Rohrerbot said...

Like the list....and it gets me pumped for the gardening that will happen here in Tucson for the month of October:)

Bond said...

6. I drew up garden plans once. It helped, but I had a hard time sticking to them because I tended to run out and buy a bunch of plants that were on sale in the late fall and late spring and then just walk around the yard until I figured out where to plant them.
11. Don't forget the free mulch at Zilker in January!
12. Totally recommend possumhaw holly for the mockingbirds. They ate every last berry off of ours and they even nested in one last spring!

Morgan said...

Free Mulch at Zilker in January? This I must find out about!

Amy Farrier said...

Great list of resolutions. Earlier this week I saw the cool-ish front in the forecast and busted out the graph paper to plan beds (#4). 'Tis the season for garden ambitiousness! Looking forward to #15...

Lancashire rose said...

Whoa! That's quite a list. But you are right, I was only thinking that my resolution to get plants out of the pathways could not wait until Jan!

Ally said...

Well, that list should keep you busy for a bit. Nothing like a little fall weather to get those gardening juices flowing. I'm raring to go.

Plant Stands said...

Hope you make it through your seems really ambitious to me, but then I'm and apartment-dwelling, arm-chair gardener getting my "fix" from all these great gardening blogs! Thanks for the inspiration.