Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today I trimmed up all the lantana plants (we have 5 of them), and then moved the one I had blogged about here to an area that is less hindersome to the it will be trying to take over the walkway up to the house instead. (note: That plant really did grow quite a bit--it probably tripled in size from the picture I took) I really want to have it elsewhere but the husband does not want it anywhere in his precious, precious grass which is only funny because I was going to put it in a spot where the grass is dead. I figure it would be one less area to mow, but shows what I know.

Tomorrow will be a yard work extravaganza--the husband will vaccum up the leaves, spread mulch over the yard and gardens, and likely chipper all the branches we have laying around. I will likely plant more seeds in the newly vacated spring garden bed (even though I'm still about 2 weeks ahead of the recommended times for most 'winter' seeds) and also get tomato, pepper, and eggplant seeds going for the spring.

It's like as Bond said, once you get done with one garden, it's already time to start planning for the next.

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