Monday, January 25, 2010

planting more seeds (fall/winter garden)

I'm at home sick today. This morning I thought it could be the flu, but now I'm 99% sure that it was food poisoning since by 2pm today I felt great. I decided since it was so nice outside and I could do with having some Vitamin D, I opted to plant more seeds in the garden. This is something I've been wanting to do since last Monday, but since I get home after the sun sets, it's kinda difficult to do so unless it's the weekend and then this last weekend was extremely windy.

So! I planted more beets, more spinach, more peas, and more chard. I opted to go with plants that will mature quickly since I'll be planting the spring/summer garden by the end of March. The peas are mostly being used as green manure so I dont' necessarily care how they do, but I really, really, REALLY want to have some beets. The other seeds I planted in November are doing okay but I think everything still seems stunted (probably because of all the cold weather). Today I noticed that the broccoli plants have itty-bitty broccoli heads on the plants, so that's encouraging. The onions have started looking pretty darn good recently and the carrots are growing well. The beets are getting bigger, and if I didn't know how big the tops are supposed to be, I would be trying to pull some to see how they're doing (same for the carrots), but since I know from Farm to Work that the tops need to be MUCH bigger for proper sized veggies, so I've left everything in the ground. But still...I started everything at the beginning of November, and so most stuff should have been ready to go by now (like the beets and chard should have been ready at the end of December, and the carrots and green onions should have been ready to go by the end of this month)...Le sigh, the trials of mice and men.

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