Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm posting this a month late, but I forgot I took the picture.

Here's my harvest from December 2, 2009--just prior to when we started getting frequent freezes in my neighborhood.

We used the Red Demon Thai Chilies (the small green ones) in boxed Spanish Rice, I took the Corno di Toro (the large green pepper) to my mom's, and she put it in Chili, the tomatoes were allowed to ripen and were used in various Italian dishes, and all the eggplants (yes they're supposed to be white--it's the variety--Cloud 9) were diced and used in Pasta Alla Norma.

As I mentioned earlier, I hung 2 of the tomato plants in the garage as that was the way we did it back home (aka Colorado) when the freezes would come...of course we would put the plants in the basement instead of the garage, but we don't have a basement here. I don't remember the tomatoes getting all wrinkly back in the day, but I'm sure they must have and that was the reason why the plants were always thrown out after a set amount of time. I'm sad to say that I just threw the plants away yesterday, and the Roma did have quite a few tomatoes left on it. Had I been up for it, I would have made Lancashire Rose's Green Tomato Chutney. Part of the reason I didn't make a batch was because the husband and I just aren't that into tomatoes to begin with and I didn't want to get myself into making multiple jars of the stuff when I wasn't sure if we were going to like it (plus I would have to alter it to leave out the raisens, even though I'm sure they're like prunes in crock pot cooking--used to impart a sweet flavor, and since the husband has a firey hate for mustard, I'd probably leave that out too).

And yes, I do realize the irony of us growing 5 tomato plants when we don't eat raw tomatoes. It actually has something to do with the fact that growing up, we both always had tomato plants in the garden and therefore it's the proverbial garden plant for us.

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