Saturday, January 9, 2010


As everyone already knows, Austin has been having some mighty cold weather. The garden has been covered every night and I didn't even bother uncovering it yesterday. The thermometer on the south side of the house was reading at 45 this morning, so I did uncover and re-water the garden (with a little garden helper friend--a gray tabby kitten that's been hanging around. We can't tell if he's a stray or if he just likes our yard--our last cat we figured was a stray because she NEVER left our yard after I befriended her, whereas this cat only seems to show up every once in a while, and never at night).

For the most part, everything looks okay. The peas may be a bit damaged, and the beets don't look so good, but other than that, the garden looks okay. All the other plants, on the other hand...those ain't looking so hot. The turk's caps are all crispy, the petunias are done for. The rock roses, bulbine, society garlic and passion vine actually all look fine, though I question if those are only looking good right now and when the weather warms up, they'll also be mush.Jan 09, 2010

Nov 17, 2009

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Bob said...

It's looking pretty bad here too. But they will come back. A lot of plants look their best in the spring and summer after a hard freeze back.