Friday, January 1, 2010

Spring Garden

I finally pulled out all the plants from the spring garden (sans the onion and peas I planted in between plants back in November). I think the Black Krim was most attacked by the nematodes. The Viva Italia and the BHN were the least affected (the BHN was pulled out of the ground back in the day), which makes sense since they're nematode resistant. But now it sucks because it means I need to be sure to plant nematode resistant plants in the plot...that and french marigolds, and up the compost being added to the garden as per instructions from various extension websites (Florida, South Carolina, and Texas all come to mind). Of course I don't know if the Krim was so attacked because it was the one that started with nematodes or if it was so attacked because it was the only non-resistant one that was left in the soil the longest.

Oddly, the pepper, squash and eggplant did not have any nematode damage on their roots.

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