Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloom Day - Jan 15, 2012

What's this? participating in bloom day?  Why, yes, I think I will.

Shrimp plant

And after going through some old entries, I decided I should post a wide angle picture of the side fence:

You can see a comparison here


Ally said...

Shrimp plant is one of my favorites. Yours has a more vibrant, darker color to the flower then mine. Is that caused by the cold or does your particular plant always have such deep colored blooms?

Dani said...

Is there a Bloom Day for gardening? in the Lit. world Blooms Day is June 16th, based on Joyce's character Leo Bloom.

katina said...

@Ally - usually the blooms are about this color. I dont' know what type it is as I got it from Bob at Draco Gardens.

katina said...

@Dani - Bloom day in garden blogging is the 15th of each month (started by Carol at May Dreams Garden). the 16th of each month is Foliage Followup (started by Pam at Digging). The goal is to post pictures of each thing on the specified date.