Saturday, January 28, 2012


You know, I really dislike the red tip photinia growing along the neighbor's garage.  Especially since it's all dead or dying (has been since the 2009 hail storm when the owner decided the bushes looked like crap and somehow decided that cutting them in half was going to help).  But I'll be sad to see them go (which I'm sure they'll be going soon since the house is empty once again as it's a rental property).  I'll be sad to see them go because while the plant doesn't provide any food for the birds, it does provide a safe haven from us pesky humans, and more importantly, all the cats.  The juncos and cardinals use the bushes most frequently, and I'd hate to see them go (even though the juncos will probably be migrating back up north sometime soon).


Bond said...

Very nice!!! You obviously have more patience with photographing birds than I do.

I will confess that while I have planted mostly natives, I did plant some photinas and am not all that ashamed. They have been exceedingly drought and freeze tolerant and there is a bird nest in one of them. All the natives are so airy it is nice to have something dense and evergreen as a backdrop.

katina said...

my only complaints about the photinias around my house is a) one neighbors plants are dying; b) one of ours is in the completely wrong place and we keep having to prune it because it hits the roof; c) the other neighbor's plants are about 15' tall and shade my garden after like 3 pm.

Cat said...

Funny that you should post neighbor has a HUGE photinia that I can honestly say I don't love but yesterday I was thinking how much the birds enjoy it. I'm enjoying all your bird posts.