Thursday, April 29, 2010


Man, I've got Dill Caterpillars and Passion Vine Caterpillars. I have a feeling that I'm not going to have either plant for much longer... Oh well, doing my part to help the flutterbies.


Lancashire rose said...

It is going to be a butterfly garden when they pupate. Worth all the chewed leaves I'm sure.

Paul said...

^^Not necessarily. Larval stage feeds on certain plants and actual butterflies on others.

I had a passiflora lutea half eaten away last year, and that was after heavy culling (hey, I'm a plant guy, not a butterfly guy, though I did make sure several survived). I'm guessing they'd've devoured the whole thing w/o intervention.

Maybe they spread the word because I've only seen 3 total worms this year, and the vine is nearly twice it's previous year's volume. Also, I have MANY rooted cuttings available for the taking, if interested in replenishing the scenery after they transform.

LindaCTG said...

Oh, this is so worth it! The dill is going to be outta here soon with the heat. Having caterpillars & future butterflies is half the reason to plant dill and parsley (with enough for you too).

And the passionvine will recover. You've got a great cycle going on there! Which means you've got a great garden.

Caroline said...

Send some my way! My dill and fennel are oddly cat-less, and my passionvine is in recovery (I dug it up to move it, it's leafing out in a pot).