Sunday, April 4, 2010

Butterfly Weed: Part II

Because I know that not everyone always clicks on comments on my blog, I felt it necessary to post some comments from my previous Butterfly Weed post.

From Wizzie Brown, Urban Integrated Pest Management, Travis County Extension office:
I love this plant! It's great for attracting all sorts of cool insects- from monarchs to aphids which, in turn, lead to ladybugs (eggs, larvae, pupae & adults), lacewing larvae, syrphid fly larvae and tiny wasps that parasitize the aphids (the aphids turn brown and puff up when parasitized). I encourage everyone to plant this, especially now that the monarch population was depleted this winter. Help them out by planting food sources!

From Linda Lehmusvirta from The Central Texas Gardener:
Recently I read a story encouraging us to plant lots of these plants for the Monarchs. Their numbers are dwindling after hard winters in Mexico so this larval plant is essential. Ignore the aphids: as Wizzie says, they'll attract tons of beneficial insects & won't bother your other plants.

I believe the article Linda is speaking of may be the one written by Bill Hanna of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on March 20, 2010: Monarchs Flutter North in Depleted Numbers (I know the bloggers at Fits and Starts have also posted about the Monarch Migration as well).

So a couple of thoughts: 1) I can't believe I have such prestigious people reading my lowly blog (and leaving comments to boot), and 2) go out and plant more monarch host plants.


Caroline said...

I was really excited to see my Mexican milkweed coming back from the roots this week! It scattered oodles of seeds last fall, so maybe some of them will sprout around the garden. I'd like to get the native milkweed, too--maybe at this Friday's Wildflower Center plant sale?

mkircus said...

I unloaded a gallon pot of Mexican milkweed just an hour ago. I bought a car load of plants for butterflies and hummingbirds and this was one of them. I'm also stating the east Texas butterfly weed from seed but it won't bloom until next year.

Wizzie Brown said...

Your blog is great- give yourself the credit you deserve! AND...I can't believe you think I'm prestigious. What a laugh!

LindaCTG said...

Yes, I'm with Wizzie! "Prestigious?" You made MY day!