Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is some of the artemisia that Bob at Draco Gardens gave me last summer. It has taken off and has really established itself. See the picture below? Yeah, all I started with was 2 1-gallon buckets. And I questioned if I had killed a bunch when we had the ladder sitting on top of this area when we replaced our windows. The taller plants are some rock rose plants (also from Bob).


Lancashire rose said...

I think this is the same artemisia Bob gave me a cutting of this year. I can see I should have given it a little more room!

katina said...


Yes, it did spread very easily (I'm pretty sure it reseeded, thus all the baby plants). I may be digging some up and bringing it to the next garden bloggers get together as well. :)


ESP said...

Hi Katina.
Yes Bob gave me some of these too! Great to see how they have matured!

I like it!


Bob said...

I'm glad it's making the rounds. I've never seen this in nurseries before. I got my start on a fluke by being in a friends nursery when his plants were delivered and it was the only one in the shipment and he just gave it to me. It had a tag in it that said Snow Cloud Artemisia.