Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NxNA Garden Tour 2015: Glass Garden

At the beginning of May, the NxNA Garden Tour took place and of the 24 gardens, I managed to visit 19 of them.  It was a busy day.

You can read my other NxNA Garden Tour entries (both this year and last year here).

The Glass garden is the only one that was also on the tour last year to so I didn't take many photos of the yard and instead took more of the garden art that was available for sale from Garden Charms by Stephanie Frogge and her Etsy shop, Garden Charms.

Froghouse by Stephanie Frogge

Metal art hanging on the fence

A view of the yard from the patio - last year's photo was taken from about where the gentleman in the white shirt is standing.

Garden tag by Stephanie Frogge

Plate flower - I think these are also by Stephanie Frogge, but they don't show up in her online store, so maybe not?

One of the couples I kept running into on the tour through the Gracy Farms area gardens was driving around in this AWESOME classic car.

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Debra said...

"Grow Dammit!" I have actually said that before. Too cute.