Saturday, June 20, 2015

NxNA Garden Tour 2015: Slattery Garden

At the beginning of May, the NxNA Garden Tour took place and of the 24 gardens, I managed to visit 19 of them.  It was a busy day.

You can read my other NxNA Garden Tour entries (both this year and last year here).

The Slattery garden was the only one (I think) where the artists on hand lived at the residence, and the yard was just as artfully done as the artwork itself - in most cases the yards seemed very heavy on art, or heavy on gardening, but very few covered both equally - the Slattery house was one where they were equal.

Patrick and Joshua's artwork can be seen on his website here: PSArtworks

He also had featured some of his mother's artwork, which you can see here: Pattie C.S. Burke

The front walk

Snail on agave

Dead men tell no tales.

Relaxing in the yard

Artwork - this might actually be art by Karen McGarity - I don't know for sure since I can't find any of her artwork online (or maybe I'm not doing Googlefu right)

From Patrick's website, this piece is called "Black and Blue and Red All Under"

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