Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wide Shots

So Tim at Xeric Front Yard has been posting wide shots of his yard every month.  He started doing it because Heather at Xericstyle said people should post more wide shots of their yards.

This seems like something I should partake in as well.  I mean, the macro shots are great, but it's very hard to convey the feel of the yard if everything is a macro shot.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the macro shot - the macro shot makes it easy to hide all the empty spots.  It makes it easy to hide that invasive nandina in the back, or the fact that the Asiatic jasmine is making a break for it and is about to take over the fence to the neighbor's yard. (Which reminds me, add "cut jasmine to be in bounds" to my ever-growing to-do list.  Actually, add "make a to-do list" to my to-do list.  Does anyone know if any of those gardening social sites have to-do lists as an option on them?)  The macro shot makes it so easy to hide the imperfections of the yard.  My grandma and grandpa said they liked seeing my yard when they came to visit last spring because I never post long shots of the back yard.  I will, however take long shots looking toward the veggie garden, and the point of it is to show the different stages the veggie garden goes through. Which, you know, is kinda the POINT of taking long shots of the entire yard - to provide perspective, to show where the problems are, to show that things are ephemeral.  Also, HI GRANDMA! :::waves wildly:::

This is kinda like Bloom Day and Foliage Followup, right?  The points of those is to show what plants are blooming (so you can figure out if your plants are ahead or behind schedule for your area), and which plants are doing the heavy lifting in your yard when the bloomers are being petulant. 

So yes, I will make an effort to participate more frequently in these type of things - I may not post on the day (because I do work, and I normally get home after dark), but I will at least try to post something at the beginning-ish of the month for the wide angle shots, and something in the middle of the month for bloom day/foliage follow up. On the plus side of doing the wide shots, I'll probably do those photos with my phone as opposed to the macro shots, which just beg for the DSLR.

And of course, since I just decided to participate in this, you're going to have to wait until Saturday when I get a photo of the front yard, and I'll even do panoramic of the back yard (maybe it will even be a little video if I can figure out how to do that).

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Dani said...

It's Saturday don't forget to post the picture!!