Friday, January 24, 2014

January Bloom Day (Delayed)

So, I wonder if Carol at May Dreams Gardens expected to have many Bloom Days in January when she started this whole shindig.  Hell, I never expected to have blooms of anything other than indoor plants when I found out that bloom day was a thing.

Anyhoo, this year, I have had plants blooming in January -
The Bush Germander started blooming at the beginning of January and hasn't stopped (actually, it may have had all the blooms knocked off last night due to the SNOW!): 

The other bloomer is a plant that I JUST got at the end of December.  I didn't expect any of the succulents/cacti to bloom - and I especially didn't expect it so soon after buying them:
According to the tag, this little lady is Mammillaria weingartiana

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