Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Carrots: Sown! Artichoke: Transplanted!

Tonight I sowed the last of my Carrots "Sunshine Mix" and transplanted my Imperial Star artichoke.

Sunshine Mix Carrots: Both (Yellowstone and Nantes Forto) of these premium European varieties taste sweet and crispy with no soapy off-flavors and you can enjoy them over a long harvest period.  From Renee's Garden Mail Order Purchase from 2009; yes, the seeds are that old.  I do not have any hopes of them coming up.  Days to emerge:  10-20.  Days to harvest:  88.  Expect baby carrot plants by Feb 4 and harvest around April 15.  I planted these in a roughly 1'x1' square in front of the Brussels Sprouts.

Imperial Star Artichoke:  To be filled in after I go look at the little tag that came with the plant. 

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