Saturday, November 30, 2013

Metal Planters

So one of the bestest parts about blogging about gardening is meeting all the other garden bloggers we have in the Austin area.  You get all sorts of ideas for your garden, learn what plants do well in the area, and you learn something about the people behind the posts.

One of the local garden bloggers, Bob at Draco Gardens, is a welder by trade.  The man is amazing.  He just recently posted a picture of a spigot flower he made for his sister-in-law based off of "that devil site, Pinterest."  He also is tapped by a lot of the garden bloggers for various projects - Meredith found a crow bar in her garden and asked him to turn it into something decorative so she could put it back in her garden, I've asked him to make me some simple trellises for my vines (pictures to come later after I've actually put them up), and Pam asked him to make some metal planters to hang based on a design she found on the web.  I ended up with some of the smaller ones that he made that Pam didn't want.  After sitting in my yard for almost a year, I finally hung them on the fence and filled with some agave lophantha, a squid agave, and ghost plant.  I also hung a mini hummingbird feeder in each one since it was migration season when I hung the planters.  Since migration is mostly done, I've taken down the mini-feeders, but have left my larger one in case there are any straggler hummingbirds.

Taking a tip from Pam, I hung them in a fashion so as not to drip rust along the fence (i.e. hung on the cross beam instead of on the fence proper).


Claude said...

Those are so completely and totally cool.

Cat said...


Bob said...

The tall one looks better than I thought it would. I'm so glad you like them.