Friday, November 15, 2013

Bloom Day November 2013

After the freeze we had earlier this week, I'm a bit surprised that some of the plants are still blooming.  The eggplant, tomatoes and most of the cosmos are toast, but everything else seems unfazed (the peppers were covered).  The following are still blooming:
Prairie Fleabane
Blackfoot Daisy
Butterfly Bush
Mexican Mint Marigold
Gregg's Mistflower
Culinary Ginger (was brought in during the freeze)
Mexican Petunia
Shrimp Plant
Unscented Plumeria (was brought in during the freeze)
Henry Duelberg Sage
Autumn Sage
Caldwell Pink Rose


Claude said...

It's amazing how tough some garden plants are, isn't it? We've had roses bloom at Christmas here... it all depends on just how serious a freeze mother nature decides to throw at us.

Rock rose said...

Natives have so much more resilience. Nice capture of the bee. He's happy there are still flowers left.

Dani said...

What's the flower in the bee picture?

katina said...

@dani - that's tropical milkweed - it's the plant that is the larval host for monarch butterflies.