Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of Year

And just like that I up and leave you for a month.  But never fear, I am still here.  It's just I haven't been blogging as much.

I pulled out old veggie plants in the garden and found that my newer bed (the west bed) is beset with root knot nematodes:
All I can say about this is, DAMMIT!

I also cut back a bunch of other plants (Cosmos, Mexican Petunia and Artemisia), mostly to make light for other plants growing in the area (namely the irises and the yaupon holly).

I planted new plants - Pacman Broccoli, Marathon Broccoli, a Cauliflower and a Brussels Sprouts.  Ivy broke one of the broccoli plants, but the leaves are still growing, so that's weird.

I also went back to working on the grass removal project in the back corner of the yard.  Part of it did include installing a trellis that Bob at Draco made for me.  It will involve planting a rose bush and therefore, removing soil and putting in Ladybug Rose Magic soil.  I have high hopes, even though my poor little grasses are still little.

For Christmas, I gave my parents some herbs and jars and vinegars, oil, and vodka to do some infusion projects.
Infusion stuff - got the idea from Vicki at Playin' Outside

It's finally time to start THINKING about sucking up the leaves in the yard -
Now if only those last few leaves will drop...

AND finally, I made a trip down to East Side Succulents to use a Groupon I got a little while ago.  Shawn even went with me, so I let him pick out most of the plants.  The next step will be to ask my cousins at Art Haus Ceramics to make some special order pots and pot everything up good and proper.
This is what $60 of succulents looks like.


Linda/patchwork said...

Sorry about the nematodes.
Sounds like you've been busy. I have let the garden go for too long. Have to get on it soon.

Love all your new plants.

Happy New Year....

R N said...

Shawn is a brave and lovely man. It was a pleasure to meet him. I really wish that I had more time to connect with him one on one on New Year's Day.

Why don't you just mow over all the leaves? Michael does that quite a lot. Always, in fact. I think he had his fill of raking in WI when we had a sick sycamore in our front yard.
I really want to get lettuce in the ground, even at this late date but the weather is supposed to dip into the 20s on Mon/Tue morning. I know I wouldn't come up out of the soil if it were that cold. I don't even want to get out of bed.

Happy New Year to you, dear. My favorite new find. I see a future together - wink, wink :)