Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shrimp Plant

One of my favorite plants for part shade is the Shrimp Plant.  Like most plants that are native/naturalized to Texas but not Colorado, I wasn't a fan at the beginning.  But it blooms and it isn't a huge water hog, so it has won me over.  Plus it comes in different colors - I think my next one will be one of the orange ones.  While it's supposed to be a sunny to part shade plant, most people I know have the plant in part or dappled shade (I know I do).  The plant normally gets cut back to about 6" after we have a hard freeze, this year it didn't get cut back since we never had a hard freeze and it is out of control.  The plant normally grows about 3'-5' tall and about the same around.  It is "slightly" deer resistant - I take this to mean that it will be munched on, but there are other plants that they prefer more.


Roberta said...

I have a spot that I always see as shady in my mind but it gets a lot more sun that I'm willing to admit. I as thinking of putting rhubarb in , but maybe a shrimp plant would work.I know - 2 totally different directions, right? I'm just willing to try anything at this point. It's getting a reputation as the bed of death.

Bob said...

Does yours bloom all summer long or just in the fall? I have some of each and just wondered.

katina said...

Bob - las year it only bloomed in the fall, this year it's year round. I think it has to do with whether it gets enough water.